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Dr. David Williams Consumer Q&A
They are shipping to Canada but they never comply with their special offers with respect to Canadian customers. Example from their WEB side special offer for Canadian customers as per 1 July 2013:   *Buy 5 Get 2 Free: "Two 3-month (360 tablets ea.) bottles + one 1-month (120 tablets ea.) bottle... more
Why are you asking a chiropractor about your eyes?  Glaucoma is nothing to play with since it will lead to blindness if not treated correctly.  It might be time to get a second opinion from an opthalmologist.  Make sure your have seen a true doctor of the eyes, an opthalmologist. ... more
Dr. David Williams Overview
Dr. David Williams is a chiropractor who specializes in natural cures and remedies for just about every health problem. He has been studying natural remedies for 25 years and his website is a result of that work. He currently offers several different products on his site including: Curetage 5 Pc Set for Normal to Chemically Treated Hair  CoQ10 Advantage (30-day supply) Daily Advantage (30-day supply) Digestive Enzyme Advantage (45 Capsules) Germ Guardian Plug In UV-C Air Sanitizer (1) Dr. Williams is part of the Healthy Directions Company. more
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